In 2022, GEOSPI (formerly OIFII-ORG and LASAPPS-ORG) open to help the governments of Canada and Quebec to protect individuals’ privacy.

About GEOSPI founder’s Tech

GEOSPI founder’s software open to enable governments to fully protect individuals from privacy violations that constantly occur, at local, regional, and global scales, on and off the web including on peer-to-peer networks.

GEOSPI uses HA-ORG to extract, fetch, and publish V-ORG edge networks’ and interpretation networks’ subsets into strings of numbered NFTs on one or more live blockchains. NFTs’ P2P smart contracts may include or not rights to V-ORG’s generative art open-source software code as well as rights to GEOSPI’s digital content. V-ORG’s focus is not only on helping a large number of individuals’ public privacy violations but resides rather very much on heavily creating digital art content to enable individuals to self-manage both their local privacy everywhere and their global identity while being on most networks by providing no-nonsense zero-trust security open-source software and online services.


In 2022, GEOSPI and SPI CORP to facilitate the transfer of open-source software, virtual machines, pre-configured servers, computer hard disks with bare metal installs with or without the whole gear, computer cloud accounts, etc. Know that while you can get tens of thousands of digital images per prepaid 100$ CAD from SPI CORP’s set of online ORGs mentioned here above. The prepaid price tag for SPI CORP’s digital products transfers starts from 100K CAD and up and will typically make you commit to half a million CAD to get Poirier, yes SPI himself, for 1-year as a consultant for ensuring the proper product transfer and secure its operation ability on your end. It is the only way to go if you need to keep the greater number of local and international systems around you in a zero-knowledge state with respect to your communications, networks, affiliations, contacts, data, etc.

True democratization. Technology transfer. No-nonsense zero-trust security.

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March 2018, LASapps.ORG launches its Monthly Newsletter.

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As you may be aware of, OIFII.ORG develops the Offworld Intelligent Forest Image Interpreter (OIFII), an application to help automating the production of forest maps for governments around the world.

And LASapps.ORG develops the LASapps collection of open source applications to also help automating the production of new, higher resolution, forest maps for governments.

LASapps.ORG initial targeted clients are the forest map producers (ministries of natural resources, forest industries, power companies, etc) along with the forest map users (forestry engineers, etc.).

It has been already a year since LASapps.ORG was launched.

In 2018, while developing LASapps, we will do a survey seeking what the OIFQ members (Ordre des Ingénieurs Forestiers du Québec) would like to see in our collection of applications.